Our 100% Raw Bundles are the highest quality of human hair extensions. Our Raw hair has not been altered, steam processed, or chemically processed. The hair can be cut, dyed, and styled as desired. The hair comes in natural shades of brown, and is collected from one donor with the cuticles intact and aligned in one direction.

  • Wave pattern is tighter than body wave 
  • Wefts are flat to ensure a flawless install
  • Holds curls well
  • Blends well with natural and relaxed hair
  • Will revert back to natural state after it's washed 

It is recommended to purchase 3-4 bundles depending on the length and desired style. Generally, you will need 3 bundles for lengths 22 and under; and 4 or more bundles for lengths 24 and over. For lengths 28 or longer, 5 bundles is likely the best option to maintain fullness.

With proper care our hair will last 3-5 years!

**Models hair has been lightly curled

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